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May 20, 2021
May 20, 2021



Solution for Recycling of Hazardous and Non-Hazardous Wastes Using Advanced thermal technology.

We represent a company based in the UNITED KINGDOM and specialized in design, manufacturing & operations of the Waste to Energy (WtE) plant with different capacities (400MT/D , 800MT/D, 1200MT/D, 1600MT/D and more). We own and operate 6 engineering workshops where more than 150 engineers operating full time. We are accredited by many British authorities for the safety & quality standards, and we offer a complete traceability of each component we manufacture.

We offer a special WRAP Professional Indemnity Insurance Premium from the largest British insurance firms to protect customers and 3rd parties against any risks as, delays, incidents throughout delivery & installation, plant technical failures, natural disasters, terrorism and against political unrest. Thus, our customers can order with peace of mind guarantee and enjoy the risk-free benefits.

We can guarantee ZERO waste and ZERO emission technology; we can guarantee the most efficient plant technologies in the world when it comes to the mass energy conversion rate. We also guarantee the fastest delivery time in the world as we operate the number of workshops around the world and our manufacturing strategy beats any other company offering the similar technologies. Our staff is highly qualified, skilled, competent, and confident to deliver the best technological solutions.

Our reach, our approach and network is global and reached to all continents in the world; our representatives are only one phone call away. To acquire our modern, British latest technologies, there are 5 simple & easy steps to follow:
1-Application + Proof of funds >>> M.O.U.
3-Finance >> Insurance >> Feasibility Studies >> Manufacturing
4-Delivery >> Installation
5-Operations >> Sales

We can offer this option for customer if he asks for collection system: We will manufacture  waste collection trucks, 100 all brand new with compactors at the back specially designed for waste collection. Called waste refused trucks. All UK made. Including engines and bodies. Each can carry 15 to 22 tons. Each truck can do 2 trips in city. We will build and install waste compactors, waste skips, bins to install around the whole area requires waste collections plus small skips and small lorries for streets where big trucks cannot go. We can provide waste collection plans with GPS system to know which bin is full to send trucks to go and empty. Plus one MRF facility (MRF) to shred, separate, segregation plant to recycle as much waste possible. Plus one waste to energy plant, so none of waste go to Landfill sites and produce enough diesel for all the trucks daily consumption. Plus it will make enough money to run whole system sustainable. Government will never have to pay for waste collection from budget and there will be no burden of Gov budget.

Of course we offer in addition 2 years free labour and parts warranty.

Hereafter, we are confirming this in writing to your esteemed office that we are willing and ready to supply the best technological solution as EPC & O&M contractors to end your waste problems, waste pollution completely and produce cleaner, cost-effective and sustainable energy and Electricity from waste. It can replace the expensive and dirty fossil fuels, save the environment, create job & income for economical growth.

We operate on BOO/BOOT/IPP/PPP modes with a complete end to end solution with finance via bank credit from UK government finance funds up to 80% of the cost of the equipment

For further information, please contact our International Sales Manager: Dr Moez TLILI, and see company introductory documents

Dr. Moez TLILI (+216- 26 74 35 84))

Mme Leila Yacoubi Ep YILMAZ (+33 7 81 97 76 17)